I talked about Pokemon Go in one of my earlier posts.

The more I think about this friendly “children’s game” the more I think society is doomed to be transformed into a bunch of mindless robots.

My buddy Josh over at FourSeasonsHVACDanville.com were recently hanging out near his shop and watched kids and young adults dangerously entering traffic to catch these imaginary creatures.
It seems as though it’s all the rage though and it doesn’t really surprise me.  This isn’t to hate on my fellow Americans but it’s obvious that western society it spiraling outta control.

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The Power of Beer

Beer is one of the oddest, most contradictory substances out there available for purchase just about any reputable store that serves food, or drinks.

Just about everyone serves it because otherwise it would be considered just a bad business decision.  Everyone’s had it at least once, and most people who don’t have any medical conditions against it usually end up drinking it on a regular basis.  Some of the people who drink even admit that they hate the very taste of it, but still drink it religiously.  Even those who don’t like the taste of it at first, adjust to its unique flavor eventually anyway. Continue reading “The Power of Beer”

The Power of Nostalgia

If there is one thing that the past ten years of our lives have proven, is that nostalgia sells very well.

For those who don’t understand what nostalgia is, it’s a feeling.  More specifically, it’s a feeling that people experience when they encounter something they strongly associate with their past.  Nearly everyone falls victim to it over, and over again.  All it takes is the sight of something you recall from the vague memories of your childhood such as a TV show, and instantly you’ll fall victim to a euphoric, and positive feeling.

Many industries such as the movie industry recognized this a while back and had been rebooting every old popular movie franchise from at least the 90’s ever since.  Video game industry, comic book industry, children’s cartoons, and even the music industry in some cases.  The most recent example being the latest Ghost Busters movie that was released this year. Continue reading “The Power of Nostalgia”

Getting a Good Job is Tough

In the world today it’s difficult to get a job regardless of your background, or resume.  People are looking for all sorts of certifications, and anything else to give them an edge when it comes to finding a high paying job they can tolerate.  The big problem is that the job industry expects a minimum of a college degree in the field they’re hiring.  Unfortunately, it’s as if those people are putting their selves into six digits of debt, and throwing four years of their life into a social expectation for a job most employers are trying to pay as little as possible for.

There are few employers out there that believe in providing adequate pay regardless of it requires a college degree or not.  Continue reading “Getting a Good Job is Tough”

Ways to Make Money as an Artist

As many people who’ve heard the term “starving artist,” many have realized that making money as any sort of artist is very difficult.

You can attribute to a massive number of things such as the economy for one.  Rarely do people have much money to spare for any luxury including original artwork.  They’d rather spend a few dollars on a poster from the department store representing their favorite band, or movie at the most.  Everyone is struggling, and artists who don’t find a creative way to make money rarely make even so much as a supplemental wage from it. Continue reading “Ways to Make Money as an Artist”

Pokemon Go?

There have been many popular mobile games in the past that have gone viral.  It doesn’t happen slowly either.  Between social media, and every other source of information on the internet, people are quickly able to jump on any new trend for the Android, or Apple smart phones.

Between the competitive nature of a human being, and the fact that nearly everyone has a smart phone in their pocket, mobile games can easily become a hit.  We’ve seen it with games such as Angry Birds, and Flappy Bird.  The present-day sensation that everyone by now has at least heard of is the mobile game known as Pokemon Go.  This particular game can be called the most popular of any other mobile phone game so far. Continue reading “Pokemon Go?”

The Success Behind a Single Individual

Nearly every day of your life you hear the name of some famous celebrity.  You hear about their success, how rich they are, and some people even take them up as role models.  Two people that you hear now especially is Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton.

What many common individuals don’t realize is how many people are actually behind the success of that one individual that many admire.  It’s almost never the situation where one human being worked hard their entire life and became a successful millionaire doing what they love all by their self.  I’m not qualified to say for sure, but in my opinion, that’s entirely impossible. Continue reading “The Success Behind a Single Individual”

The Freedom of a Friendly Small Business

There’s a pleasant aura about a local business such as a small coffee shop, or comic book store.  You can just go there to get away a few times a week, and hang out with friends.  Not having to worry about if you bought something first, or whether they’ll kick you out after an hour to free up a table.

With a corporate owned business such as Starbucks, or any similar establishment people like to hang out at, you have a strict closing time as well as a strict set of rules.  It’s a set of rules that everyone understands because just about everyone has been an employee in under a corporate-owned name at some point.

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