The Freedom of a Friendly Small Business

There’s a pleasant aura about a local business such as a small coffee shop, or comic book store.  You can just go there to get away a few times a week, and hang out with friends.  Not having to worry about if you bought something first, or whether they’ll kick you out after an hour to free up a table.

With a corporate owned business such as Starbucks, or any similar establishment people like to hang out at, you have a strict closing time as well as a strict set of rules.  It’s a set of rules that everyone understands because just about everyone has been an employee in under a corporate-owned name at some point.

Everyone understands it, but it’s almost synonymous with an environment ran by under-payed, and mistreated employees.  The people who work there usually do so simply in fear of being left in poverty, and rarely have good things to say about the people they work for.  You have to be careful about what you say inside of a Starbucks coffee shop, and it’s definitely not the kind of place that you meet your friends at every week.

A small business is motivated by one, or two individuals with a dream.  The good ones are happy to have a place to do business, and make a weekly income that’s good enough.  It’s a positive environment that’s care-free, and everyone seems to know everyone.

I personally go to a small business coffee shop almost four times a week now knowing that it’s a safe place to hang out, and talk about anything like as if it were your own home.  There aren’t too many safe places like that anymore with one company swallowing another until it’s all owned by one big corporation.

It’s more than just a good reason to support your local hard working businesses first before you feed the large machine that’s swallowing up all of the other locations.  Those small locally-owned locations are run by people who probably work more than twelve hours on most days without clocking it all in just to stay afloat.  They don’t work because their home’s, and lively-hoods are at risk, but because they love it.  A locally owned business matters to someone as if it were their child.  A franchise business is usually run by a manager who doesn’t really care because it’s someone else’s money that their making.

I say that you should find a good local business that has some of the things you usually purchase from a large corporate chain and see the difference for yourself.

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