The Success Behind a Single Individual

Nearly every day of your life you hear the name of some famous celebrity.  You hear about their success, how rich they are, and some people even take them up as role models.  Two people that you hear now especially is Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton.

What many common individuals don’t realize is how many people are actually behind the success of that one individual that many admire.  It’s almost never the situation where one human being worked hard their entire life and became a successful millionaire doing what they love all by their self.  I’m not qualified to say for sure, but in my opinion, that’s entirely impossible.

The problem is, there are many people out there with the dreams that believe it, and it holds a lot of them back.  It sets their goal on a high shelf that they can’t seem to reach, because of this very illusion.  The fact that you hear a famous person’s name every day, or see their face is because they have a group of fifty marketers behind them that made it happen.  It can be definitely be said that there’s strength in people.

Although, I don’t want to deter from the fact that famous celebrities such as musicians work incredibly hard for what they have.  Taking music as an example, it took years to develop the musical talent they have.  They certainly weren’t born with it, and they certainly didn’t spend most of their nights on the couch watching television make it happen.

At some point, though, you eventually have to hire a manager and very many other people to reach the international level that many performers or other celebrities are at today.

Everyone gets help to put their selves through life they’ve fought tooth, and nail to obtain these days.  Due to the public opinion, a lot of people feel uncomfortable accepting help from the people who find them worth it.  It comes from fans, family, friends, and it comes down to a subject of pride.  It’s true that some that get over that pride still don’t succeed, but that pride still keeps a lot of people down.

I think the reality of what is behind the modern star needs to get out to the public.  People need to understand that the celebrity they look up too is merely a mascot or image of more than one person.

Accept the help of friends, and achieve your dreams through the help you’re offered.  Once you get to the point where you’re making a living, make an investment in a team of professionals that’ll take you the rest of the way.  Let people know that your dreams are obtainable and that you don’t have to do it all yourself.  Heck, some famous pop singers didn’t even write some of their own songs.

It’s an awful thought thinking that a mere illusion keeps many people down, but some would argue that something so thin wouldn’t keep a hard working individual from achieving the things they desire.

My personal opinion is that you have only one life to live.  Do what you love in life, and give it a shot.

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