Ways to Make Money as an Artist

As many people who’ve heard the term “starving artist,” many have realized that making money as any sort of artist is very difficult.

You can attribute to a massive number of things such as the economy for one.  Rarely do people have much money to spare for any luxury including original artwork.  They’d rather spend a few dollars on a poster from the department store representing their favorite band, or movie at the most.  Everyone is struggling, and artists who don’t find a creative way to make money rarely make even so much as a supplemental wage from it.

Many would suggest selling their artwork online through a website such as Etsy, but there’s a common misconception that products online sell their self.  In honesty, the internet is such a large sea of capitalism, that the money you spend to support a webpage just puts yourself as a small drop blended in with the rest of the endless ocean.  Without any sort of marketing, people have gone months without a single sale of their product.

Those with a little more will to step out into the world, and take it on with their own two hands tend to sell successfully at conventions.  Unfortunately, space is expensive, and each convention appropriate for selling your artwork will only operate one weekend a year.  Art galleries their selves rarely receive customers unless there’s a lot of foot traffic in front of their store, or special occasion otherwise.

Tattoo artists are likely the most successful these days among artists even above graphic designers.  Outside those two occupations, being an artist requires doing just about every from of medium they can put their work on, and selling it at every event they can find.  With a little marketing expertise, it’s almost more profitable to rent a small space for particular weekends and host your own art shows.

There are plenty of artists out there struggling just like you.  You’ll be surprised how many you could find in just a weekend that you wouldn’t mind working with.  Friends, a reputable printing company to print copies of your artwork, a weekend rental space, maybe a local musician to add live music to the venue, and you easily have an event you can earn your rent money that month.  As an added bonus, you’ll be successfully earning that money doing what you love, and having a blast with people who enjoy the same things as you.

There are plenty of mediums out there that you can put your art onto.  Stuff that people use in their daily lives often sells much quicker if you can get past the restriction of certain products you’re putting your artwork on.  Even coffee cups and T-shirts are a good medium for the people who aren’t in the market for something to hang on their wall.

When there’s a will, there’s a way as long as you have the perseverance to keep trying the many times that every artist fails before they succeed.  Art is something the world can never have too much of, and there’s always a market for the type of art you create with your own two hands.  The only thing you need to close the gap is enough patience, and the will to experience, and learn the many different ways you can fail when it comes to art.

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