Getting a Good Job is Tough

In the world today it’s difficult to get a job regardless of your background, or resume.  People are looking for all sorts of certifications, and anything else to give them an edge when it comes to finding a high paying job they can tolerate.  The big problem is that the job industry expects a minimum of a college degree in the field they’re hiring.  Unfortunately, it’s as if those people are putting their selves into six digits of debt, and throwing four years of their life into a social expectation for a job most employers are trying to pay as little as possible for.

There are few employers out there that believe in providing adequate pay regardless of it requires a college degree or not. 

It’s not the fault of any person, or organization of particular.  The school system is outdated, and the inflation for it is absurdly higher than it should be.  Students are charged more than they can typically pay in a decade.  Any real lesson they’re getting out of college is how to work more hours a day than the average human being juggling between school, and work to pay off the kind of debt that would buy them a house instead.

Without a college degree, there are still a lot of geniuses out there finding it difficult to put their intelligence or skills to use.  There are many people like Bill Gates who were incredibly successful without one, but they literally had to create their own company to find a company that would accept them.  I’m sure he had plenty of proof available to show that he had the knowledge capable of starting what became Microsoft today, but not the right kind of proof by social standards.

The one thing that seems to prevail while you’re looking for a new job is social connections.  That one recommendation to an employer through a mutual friend is worth more than nearly anything else on your resume.

If you do manage to find a decent job, the best thing you can do at that point is not taking it for granted.  Anyone who has gone out to find a job for enough pay to support them knows that it’s like finding a needle in a haystack at times.  Enjoy it for all it’s worth, and give back to your employer the same consideration they’ve given to you.

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