The Power of Nostalgia

If there is one thing that the past ten years of our lives have proven, is that nostalgia sells very well.

For those who don’t understand what nostalgia is, it’s a feeling.  More specifically, it’s a feeling that people experience when they encounter something they strongly associate with their past.  Nearly everyone falls victim to it over, and over again.  All it takes is the sight of something you recall from the vague memories of your childhood such as a TV show, and instantly you’ll fall victim to a euphoric, and positive feeling.

Many industries such as the movie industry recognized this a while back and had been rebooting every old popular movie franchise from at least the 90’s ever since.  Video game industry, comic book industry, children’s cartoons, and even the music industry in some cases.  The most recent example being the latest Ghost Busters movie that was released this year.

It’s a complete reboot from the previous two movies starring Bill Murray that both did remarkably well.  It’s not a sequel, though, in fact, the idea of the story is that the previous two stories didn’t exist at all.  All you can really tell is that they wanted to make a movie, and make a lot of money while doing it.  The best way to do that was to slap a name on the movie that people already immersed their selves in, and trusted.  As they expected, many people saw the movie title and had to go see it as a result.

In the gaming world, there is no better example than the most recent Pokemon Go app.  Although the franchise is still on-going, the results have been extraordinary for the most part because of the many young adults reliving their child hoods.  Children enjoy it too of course, but with the generation of Pokemon available to catch, it seems as if the developers were targeting the young adults from the 90’s first.  That, and the fact that many children out there don’t have smartphones, which would limit their market severely.

Pure opinion and interpretation can decide whether or not nostalgia is a good thing.  It’s obvious that some people have used it with the full intent of brain washing others into buying a product, but judgement on that is yet again your own.  It helps circulate money in our community, the original creators of the product collect royalties yet again many years later, and it’s the easy way to make money instead of the hard work it takes to develop something original.

Regardless of how you feel about it, all of us have fallen under the spell of nostalgia at least once in our lifetimes.  You can either enjoy it, or take it as an evil plot, and boycott it!  It’s all up to you!

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