The Power of Beer

Beer is one of the oddest, most contradictory substances out there available for purchase just about any reputable store that serves food, or drinks.

Just about everyone serves it because otherwise it would be considered just a bad business decision.  Everyone’s had it at least once, and most people who don’t have any medical conditions against it usually end up drinking it on a regular basis.  Some of the people who drink even admit that they hate the very taste of it, but still drink it religiously.  Even those who don’t like the taste of it at first, adjust to its unique flavor eventually anyway.

In the more extreme scenario, some people become known alcoholics and drink it until they either die or never touch an alcoholic substance ever again.

Science proved a long time ago that beer has absolutely terrible effects on your body.  Over time it can leave your liver in an absolutely useless condition until the point you’ll either need a liver transplant or funeral plans.  Liver transplants certainly aren’t cheap, and livers that are available for transplant are more likely to go to someone with a form of liver cancer, or another ailment that wasn’t self-inflicted.  Too much of anything can kill you, but alcohol just does it a lot quicker than most liquid substances.

Some could argue that oil is a similar situation since we use it at the cost of global warming, and other environmental atrocities.  Even though allowing such a substance could cause catastrophe on a large scale, people ignore it for the sake of the good things it brings us.

Despite all of this, you can get it even in the states that have the strictest laws on the consumption of hard liquor as well as other rules.  You could call the negative effects of alcohol the downside to the sedation that people crave, and universally understood.  There are multiple reasons why so many people love it enough to ignore all of those negative side effects including myself!

In fact, it’s practically a mascot for a wide variety of events around the world.  Going somewhere such as a football game, baseball game, or concert without having a few beers while you’re at it is considered taboo.  Most of it is likely because they’re typically sponsored by a brewing company.  Either reason is why they also charge six times what it would cost to buy a beer yourself at your local convenience store.

There is something about beer that brings people together, though and helps them have a good time.  Maybe it’s just the euphoria that a few beers bring, but adding beer to any event guarantees that your friends are going to show up.  Whether you’re hosting a card game or a barbeque, sitting down with a group of friends drinking beer is a lot better than without.  Bringing the beer, yourself is the easiest way to be the most liked individual at the party, and after you’ve had several to drink, you won’t care how much the beer cost you.

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